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In January of 2000 I moved to Joshua Tree, Ca to set up my art studio & explore the wonders of Joshua Tree National Park. This magical landscape called to me & brought forth a renewed creative energy to produce new works of art. The light, open space & quiet captured my attention & allowed for reflection on life’s challenges.

My work has always involved the use of color & texture in abstract forms. The original paintings I produced in the desert were based on the lichen forms found on the boulders throughout Joshua Tree.

A memorable encounter with Noah Purifoy & his Outdoor Museum inspired me to incorporate found objects from the desert landscape. My work took on a new look, using assemblage technique and materials I discovered on the property around my studio.

My most recent pieces use photo image transfers of plants and landscape with abstract elements inspired by the Mojave desert.

Exchanging ideas with and supporting other artists has always been a passion of mine. In 2009, I founded the Joshua Tree Art gallery (JTAG) with the help of local artists to share our work with the community. In partnership with the Mojave Desert Land Trust, I curated a Plein Air exhibition at JTAG, where sales of artwork benefited the preservation of desert wildness for our community. In 2007, I started the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency ( JTHAR.COM), which provides free living and studio space for artists from all over the world so they can experience the majesty of the Mojave.
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