Joshua Tree Art Gallery | Lidia Shaddow
Created 12-Aug-16
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I believe that If we want to understand each other, we must learn the language, the customs and culture of one another. For what if in one's language the word peace means war, yes means no and love means hate?

In Israel I grew up with three languages, Hebrew, Arabic and English. In fact, every sign there is written in those three languages. On my last trip I visited the Museum Of Islam in Jerusalem. An exhibition of Palestinian dresses that I saw there brought up childhood memories. Those dresses were my first introduction to color and design at the age of ten. The series Ward game for dummies, English as a third language, was inspired by my trip and that exhibition.

This body of work is about inclusion, understanding, communicating and finding a common ground.
Lidia Shaddowward game for dummies (english as third language)  USAward game for dummies (english as third language) Fward game for dummies (english as third language) M