Joshua Tree Art Gallery | Martha Wold Cornwall
Created 27-Mar-17
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Martha Wold Cornwall, Berkeley, CA

Martha is a San Francisco Bay Area textile artist. Growing up surrounded by Norwegian sweaters and her mother’s weaving, Martha developed an early passion for wool. She studied weaving for a year while living in Norway in her 20's. For the past 15 years her work has focused on making felt. She manipulates layers of wool fiber and silk fabric to create fields of color, pattern, and texture. She views her felt-making process as a form of painting.

Martha has worked with a group of fellow women artists and felters at Deep Color Studio in Kensington, CA for the past 10 years and has her own studio in Berkeley, CA. Her work has been exhibited at the Santa Cruz Art League Gallery, Berkeley Art Center, and San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.
Dots (2015)January 21, 2017White #2 (2017)White #1 (2016)Untitled (2016)Foggy Dots (2016)Poolside Dots (2016)Blue #2 (2017)Foggy Morning (2014)Autumn Lines (2014)Elsa’s Journey (2016)