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Gidget Goes BallisticThat Guerrilla!Beach Party ApocalypsePrivacy Please!Raised  By TV – Crying U.N.C.L.E. (2016)Raised  By TV – Andy’s Autocracy (2016)Raised  By TV – Father Knew Better (2016)Raised  By TV – Kooky For Kookie (2016)Raised  By TV – Spellbound (2016)Fate of an Actress, or Natalie Goes OverboardFate of a Teen Idol, or Ricky's Crash and BurnFate of a Sex Symbol or Jayne's Last Topless ActFate of a Beach Boy or Dennis Wilson's Sinking FeelingMy Way 2015FibPlease 2015Gonna GetchaHang LooseStress OutPainting of Hand