Joshua Tree Art Gallery | Mary Wold Souza
Created 27-Mar-17
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Mary Wold Souza, Cupertino, CA

San Francisco Bay Area painter and printmaker, Mary Wold Souza, scribbles, drips colors, and applies paint with palette knives, her fingers, brushes, and sticks to create paintings that are rich with layers of intuitive engagement. Her work incorporates fragments of memory and evidence of process: calligraphic gesture; excavated layers; disrupted surface and structure; things defined and obscured.

Souza’s recent experience as a Visiting Artist at The American Academy in Rome made her more trusting of chance, risk-taking, and non-judgmental mark making, which has resulted in her current abstract paintings.

Mary Souza’s work has been exhibited throughout the SF Bay Area as well as Memphis TN and Houston, TX and is collected nationally and internationally. She has participated in the Artist in Residence program at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA and is affiliated with the SMOMA Artists Gallery and Saatchi Art.
Untitled- Desert 1 (2017)Untitled- Desert 2  (2017)Untitled- Desert 3  (2017)Untitled- Desert 4   (2017)Untitled- Desert 5  (2017)Untitled- Desert 6  (2017)