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Created 28-Nov-16
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Artist Statement
My new body of work is inspired by an evolving local urban environment, urbanization as a condition, and contemporary culture. Working for the past three years from my Venice, CA studio, I was viscerally impacted by the changing neighborhood and demographics: There is the noise and energy of new construction. Resulting structures are rising vertically to unexpected new heights, marginalizing once amply sunlit creative spaces. Graffiti of all shapes and sizes most often depicted on the grey backdrop of concrete, has become rampant as an exciting urban art form (street art) communicating an evolving cultural diversity. This is change and evolution, disturbing and exciting at the same time.

As an abstract artist, I typically communicate a theme and tonal palette with pattern, mark making, layering and textural effects through mixed media and collage. I strive to communicate beauty and elements of design readily visible in virtually all aspects of everyday life, if only we look. My work often evolves from an emotional response I have to current events and the human condition as I try to balance emotions of sadness or despair with a sense of playfulness – sometimes communicated by primary palettes of reds, orange, blue and yellow. Usually I don’t have a distinct plan in mind when I start a new project. It’s more important to me to work in the moment and non-objectively. As far as process goes, I allow myself the freedom to express without judgment or boundaries. Thoughts and ideas spill out on canvas, panel or paper. Drawings, layered patterns, shapes, colors and textures are merged, transformed and energized with paint, stained papers or newsprint, mylar and other materials. Although passionate about color, I often stick to a neutral palette, working with velvety black charcoal, inks, gouache and acrylic paints, with just an occasional surprise of pigment.

Mardi de Veuve Alexis is an abstract artist born and raised in California. She studied art and design while living in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington D.C. at the Corcoran School of Art; at UCLA in Los Angeles, and at Studio 33 in Culver City, California. Mardi has been painting for a more than a decade, experimenting with combinations of various media and textural effects, mixing charcoal, ink, pastel, acrylics and collage. Having traveled extensively throughout the world, her work is inspired by cultural diversity and her interpretation of the human condition. Mardi’s paintings and drawings have been shown and collected in California, Stockholm, Sweden; Croatia; Belgrade, Serbia; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Collage, mixed media, line and textural effects characterize Mardi’s current body of work on canvas, panel and paper that is largely focused on urbanism and aerial landscapes. She is an Active Member of Women Painters West; Los Angeles Art Association; Artist Council, Palm Springs Art Museum; Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council; and an Exhibiting Member of California Art League and of the Joshua Tree Art Gallery.
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