Joshua Tree Art Gallery | Alan Shaffer
Created 8-Aug-17
16 photos

My father was an architect whose passion was photography. Earliest memories are at age four with him in a darkroom putting a seemingly blank piece of paper in a smelly liquid and watching an image appear. That magic moment still burns over five decades on.

Soon after graduating from Art Center College of Design, I moved from Pasadena to Venice, falling head first into the fine art crowd of the 1980’s. His first studio was two doors down from Terry O’Shea, an artist’s artist if there ever was one. O’Shea’s space was a gathering point. The regular characters were, Boyd Elder, Larry Bell, Susan Vogel, Doug Edge, Laddie Dill, Eric Orr, Ron Cooper, Lisa Lyons, Sauren Crow, Peter Alexander, Jim Ganzer, Stanley Grinstein, Joe Ray and that’s just scratching the surface. Terry took me under his wing. I gained the artists trust and respect allowing access to their process and lives. These portraits are a peek into my archives of over 36 years.
Andy Moses 2007Beatrice Woods 1996Billy Al Bengston 1988Cira Crowell 2009Doug Edge ‘Globehead’ 1991Ed Moses 2010Frederick Fulmer 2010Helen Pashgian 2006Jim Doolin 1990Kelly Berg 2017Kenny Harris 2009Larry Bell 2008Lita Albuquerque 1991Robbie Conal 2008Terry O’Shea 1981Tom Everhart 2002